German Open Championships
French national anthem sounds with vocal support
  • 11.08.2018
  • Ilka Scheible

WDSF Open Senior II Standard

The couples of Senior II Standard fought for the places on the podium over two days. 216 couples were competing. At the end of the second day the remaining six couples had to show persistence and give everything again in the last round. Third place went to runner-ups of the German championship Gert Faustmann/Alexandra Kley. The winner of last month's danceComp couldn't push through against Pierre Payen/Isabelle Rayjal durchsetzen and had to make due with silver. The French champions could listen to their national anthem in the end, which was strongly supported by the participants of the following Boogie Woogie world championships.

1. Pierre Payen/Isabelle Reyjal, France (8)
2. Slawek Lukawczyk/Janine-Nicole Desai, England (9)
3. Gert Faustmann/Alexandra Kley, Germany (13)
4. Kai Li/Wie Zhang, China (20)
5. Juha Rautio/Paivi Rautio, Finland (27)
6. Ivo Simacek/Katerina Bendova, Czech Republic (28)