German Open Championships
Gold mine Russia
  • 11.08.2018
  • Ilka Scheible

Juveniles II Latein: Maxim Tereshin/Uliana Zelikovskaya at the top again

The biggest field in the age group of Juveniles II was in Latin with 62 couples. Russia wasn't only the stronges nation with 10 couples, but also the most successful: four Russian couples reached the final and occupied the first place and places next to the podium. 15 gold medals were collected by Russia up till now. It was the second victory for Maxim Tereshin/Uliana Zelikovskaya this year and it also was very convincing with the first place in all dances. Stefan Alexandru Padurariu/Anastasia Herman are only at the beginning of their (GOC-) career, but three times silver isn't a bad start at all. Emil Korotin/Meida Kybartaite were also in all three Juveniles II finals and achieved their second bronze medal in Latin.

1. Maxim Tereshin/Uliana Zelikovskaya, Russia (4)
2. Stefan Alexandru Padurariu/Anastasia Herman, Romania (9)
3. Emil Korotin/Meida Kybartaite, Estonia (11)
4. Rostislav Stanislavsky/Anna Bogatyreva, Russia (16)
5. Aleksandr Chernykh/Maria Chernykh, Russia (21)
6. Stepan Baikalov/Elizaveta Shingaleeva, Russia (23)