German Open Championships
Jean-Marc Clement/Andrea Naumann-Clement repeat last year's success
  • 13.08.2017
  • Ilka Scheible

GOC Wheelchair Dance Standard

As in 2016 Jean-Marc Clement/Andrea Neumann-Clement convinced the judges and the audience. They won the invitational tournament of wheelchair dancing in standard with all ones. Silver went to Edwin and Mariette Woltheus, who became second in all dances. Stefan Kühne/Vanessa Zellmann won third place before their team mates Thomas Laschke/Alina Meissner. Fifth place went to Manfred Haak/Christine Engelhard after skating. They were slightly better than Stefan Latzel/Renate Richter. Andre and Marina Eichhorn became seventh.

1. Jean-Marc Clement/Andrea Naumann-Clement, Germany (5)
2. Edwin und Mariette Woltheus, Netherlands (10)
3. Stefan Kühne/Vanessa Zellmann, Germany (15)
4. Thomas Laschke/Alina Meissner, Germany (20)
5. Manfred Haak/Christine Engelhardt, Germany (29)
6. Stefan Latzel/Renate Richter, Germany (29)
7. Andre und Marina Eichhorn, Germany (32)