German Open Championships
Ruben Viciana Lopez/Eva Moya win gold again
  • 13.08.2017
  • Ilka Scheible

WDSF Open Senior I Latin

In the WDSF Open competition Senior I Latin Ruben Viciana Lopez / Eva Moya were able to leave their competitors behind with a tight lead. They won three dances (Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Paso Doble) and therefore earned gold. Paole Croce/Petra Kaskova, who won Samba and Jive, lost out in the overall results. Bronze went to Engin Önder/Sonja Schäufler, who were part of the GOC final for the first time and were second in Cha Cha Cha. Andreas Hoffmann/Isabel Krüger were part of the final for the ninth time in a row. They could confirm their result from last year and became fourth. Michael Horstmann/Denise Heller from Belgium became fifth followed by Dmytro Kapustynskyy/Yevgeniia Sikorska, who start for Ukraine. Robert Kovarik/Sandra Caspers from Germany just missed the final and became seventh. 

1. Ruben Viciana Lopez/Eva Moya, Spain (7)
2. Paolo Croce/Petra Kaskova, Italy (11)
3. Engin Önder/Sonja Schäufler, Germany (14)
4. Andreas Hoffmann/Isabell Krüger, Germany (22)
5. Michael Horstmann/Denise Heller, Belgium (24)
6. Dmytro Kapustynskyy/Yevgeniia Sikorska, Ukraine (27)