German Open Championships
Stuttgart brings movement into the world ranking list
  • 12.08.2018
  • Ilka Scheible

World championship Boogie Woogie Main Class

As in every ear the Boogie-Woogie took care of a great atmosphere at the Beethovensaal and of the world ranking list. In the end last year's third placed won the sought-after gold medal: the French national anthem was played for Thomas Audon/Sophie Allaf. With this result Sondre Olsen Bye /Tatiana Georgiievska lost last year's title and received the silver medal in Stuttgart. Pontus Spelmans/Sara Victorin won bronze. 

1. Thomas Audon/Sophie Allaf, France
2. Sondre Olsen Bye /Tatiana Georgiievska, Norway
3. Pontus Spelmans/Sara Victorin, Sweden
4. Juho Päivinen/Maari Munne, Finland
5. Jonathan Haug/Emma Danielsson, Sweden
6. Masi Saurèn/Anna Tyutyunyuk, Finland
7. Matej Dujakovic/Cajsa Weinemo, Sweden