German Open Championships
Victory over all dances
  • 12.08.2018
  • Ilka Scheible

Youth 10 dance: second gold for Vladislav Untu/Polina Baryshnikova

For Juniors the GOC starts with the combination program, in Youth the supreme discipline is on the last day. 69 couples fought over five rounds and ten dances. Vladislav Untu/Polina Baryshnikova clearly won all dances, Danila Mazur/Anastasia Polonskaya also became second as clearly. Both couples are real allrounders. German Pugachev/Ariadna Tishova secured the third place thanks to their good performance in Latin, where fourth placed Boyce/Janes from England couldn't keep up.

1. Vladislav Untu/Polina Baryshnikova, Moldova (10)
2. Danila Mazur/Anastasia Polonskaya, Russia (20)
3. German Pugachev/Ariadna Tishova, Russia (35)
4. Glenn-Richard Boyce/Caroly Janes, England (42)
5. Igor Vaniukov/Maria Izotova, Russia (46)
6. Dennis Matveev/Anna Jonczyk, USA (63)
7. Tudor Gabriel Andrei/Nikita Loew Kristensen, Denmark (64)