German Open Championships
Wheelchairs inspire at the Reithalle
  • 12.08.2018
  • Ilka Scheible

GOC Wheelchair Standard and Latin

For the third time the invitation competition of wheelchair dance took place in the alte Reithalle.Four couples in each section delighted the large audience and were given frenetic applause. In Standard Jean-Marc Clement/Andrea Naumann-Clement won all five dances

1.Jean-Marc Clement/Andrea Naumann-Clement (5) Germany
2.Edwin Woltheus/Mariette Woltheus (12) Netherlands
3.Stefan Laschke/Vanessa Zellmann (13) Germany
4.Thomas Laschke/Alina Meissner (20) Germany

In Latin Stefan Laschke/Vanessa Zellmann also won all five dances.

1.Stefan Laschke/Vanessa Zellmann (5) TC Seidenstadt Krefeld
2.Thomas Laschke/Alina Meissner (10) TC Seidenstadt Krefeld
3.Steven Fenech/Sarah Farrugi (15) Malta
4.Edwin Woltheus/Mariette Woltheus (20) Niederlande