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Ticket Sale starts in March 2015

29th German Open Championship

The Ticket-Sale for the 29th German Open Championships starts on March 15, 2015.

Petra Dres 2014-12-09 11:04 am

Goodbye from Stuttgart

Presseteam GOC (Foto: Olga Vasilkova)

Stuttgart and the Liederhalle was the center of the competitive dancing world and home of many dancers from all over the world for five days. For this time top-class dancesport was provided at the Beethovensaal, Hegelsaal and the Alte Reithalle. The trade fair offered a multitude of dresses, shoes, and other accessories. The organizers and teams look back on 39 competitions, among them GrandSlams in Standard and Latin, as well as the World Masters and World Cup in Boogie-Woogie.

SWR covered in its program "Tanzen Total“ on Saturday evening live from the Beethovensaal, the press team informed about results and trivia concerning the 28th GOC in the Internet, on Facebook and on Twitter. Over 16.000 pictures in the gallery ( convey a good impression of the wonderful atmosphere.

The 28th German Open Championships say "goodbye" from Stuttgart. The date of the 29th German Open Championships is already set. From August 11 to 15, 2015 Stuttgart will be the center of the dancing world again.

The Team: Gaby Michel-Schuck, Sybille Dornseiff, Anastasia Vasilkova, Sabine Hey, Teresa Duda, Hartmut Binder, Volker Hey, Thomas Wilczek, Peter Schmitz, David Kiefer, Bob van Ooik, Ilka Scheible (missing) und Petra Dres

Ilka Scheible 2014-08-17 01:08 am

First GOC gold for Segatori/Sudol

Grand Slam Standard

Timo Lindfors / Ekaterina Krutovskaya - Kauppinen (Foto: Perer Schmitz)

The last title, which was played on this evening at the Beethovensaal was the German national anthem. Simone Segatori / Annette Sudol finally were able to fulfill their dream of winning GOC gold and dedicated their victory to Oliver Wessel-Therhorn. In all three solo dances they held their strongest adversaries Dmitry Zharkov / Olga Kulikova with a point each at bay and also enhanced their lead in the group dances. A surprise was seen on the third place, as Evaldas Sodeika / Ieva Zukauskaite were part of the final for the first time and also made it to the podium.

1. Simone Segatori / Annette Sudol, Germany
2. Dmitry Zharkov / Olga Kulikova, Russia
3. Evaldas Sodeika / Ieva Zukauskaite, Lithuania
4. Vaidotas Lacitis / Veronika Golodneva, Lithuania
5. Nikolay Darin / Natalia Seredina, Moldova
6. Giuseppe Longarini / Katarzyna Kapral, Poland

Ilka Scheible 2014-08-17 01:08 am

Katrunov/Georgiievska win gold for Ukraine

World Master Boogie-Woogie Main Class

Ivan Katrunov/Tatiana Georgiievska (Foto: Thomas Wilczek)

Participants of Boogie-Woogie Main Class set the floor on fire and heated up the atmosphere. 50 couples were participating in the World Master competition of the Main Class. Seven of them reached the final. For this competition the top-class couples had come to Stuttgart. With a convincing performance in the final Ivan Katrunov/Tatiana Georgiievska from Ukraine, who are ranked firts in the world ranking list, won the competition. Runner-up of the world championship Pontus Persson/Isabella Gregorio seem to have a lease on second places. The couple from Sweden reached second place at the GOC as well. Finalists of the world championship Rasmus and Tove Holmquist were seen on third place.

1. Ivan Katrunov/Tatiana Georgiievska, Ukraine
2. Pontus Persson/Isabella Gregorio, Sweden
3. Rasmus und Tove Holmquist, Sweden
4. Kelian Cornu/Elise Lacoste, France
5. Jesper Bobert/Sara Victorin, Sweden
6. Ludovic Chanton/Stacy Aurel, France
7. Simon Bodin/Emelie Hammerberg, Sweden

Ilka Scheible 2014-08-17 01:00 am

Gold for Finland

WDSF Open Senior I Latin

Timo Lindfors / Ekaterina Krutovskaya - Kauppinen (Foto: Volker Hey)

Timo Lindfors/Ekaterina Krutovskaya - Kauppinen prevailed clearly with the first place in Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, and Jive against Sergey and Anna Makarenko, who only were ahead in Samba, and won the WDSF Open Senior I Latin competition.

Bronze was won by Michael Horstmann/Denise Heller from Belgium followed by Spain's Ruben Viciana Lopez/Eva Moya. Place five went to Milan Adamec/ Hana Koprivova (Czech Republic). Andreas Hoffmann/Isabel Krüger from Cologne reached the final of the GOC for the sixth time in the last six years. They finished sixth even so they were fourth in Samba, Rumba, and Paso Doble.

1. Timo Lindfors / Ekaterina Krutovskaya - Kauppinen, Finland
2. Sergey und Anna Makarenko, Russia
3. Michael Horstmann / Denise Heller, Belgium
4.  Ruben Viciana Lopez / Eva Moya, Spain
5.  Milan Adamec / Hana Koprivova, Czech Republic
6.  Andreas Hoffmann / Isabel Krüger, Germany

Ilka Scheible 2014-08-17 12:16 am

Russian double success in Youth combination

GOC Youth 10 Dance

Evgeny Sveridonov/Angelina Barkova (Foto: Volker Hey)

Evgeny Sveridonov/Angelina Barkova were first in seven dances and second in two and with that won the competition clearly. Four weeks before they were fourth at the world championship Under21. For acting combination world champions Sergey Rozhkov/Veronika Dichka the second place remained with the mirrored judgment of seven second places and three first places. With a clear distance Romanians Alexander Munteanu/Anne Bezusenco won third place.

1. Evgeny Sveridonov/Angelina Barkova, Russia
2. Sergey Rozhkov/Veronika Dichka, Russia
3. Alexander Munteanu/Anne Bezusenco, Romania
4. Dmitry Kulebakin Maria Chernykh, Russia
5. Ayan Zhumatayev/Liya Kazbekova, Kazakhstan
6. Gleb Batsmanov/Karina Nikolaeva, Russia

Ilka Scheible 2014-08-16 11:26 pm

Two German couples in the Juveniles Latin final

GOC Juveniles II Latin

Danila Boriskin/Elizaveta Ulianova (Foto: David Kiefer)

A conciliable finish for the GOC from a German point of view was achieved at the Hegelsaal, where all competition of the Juveniles and Juniors had taken place and the German couples were rejected in large numbers. In the last competition at this hall, Juveniles II Latin, two Germans were in the final. This hadn't happened in this age group before. They weren't on the podium, but the differences between couples placed fourth and sixth, of the seven couple final, were minimal. Only the judgment on the winners Danila Boriskin/Elizaveta Ulianova were clear: first place in all dances.

1. Danila Boriskin/Elizaveta Ulianova, Russia
2. Arseny Karpachev/Alina Nigmatullina, Russia
3. Stefan Liviu Matasaru/Alexandra Motic, Romania
4. Egor Perepelitsyn/Uliana Zhukova, Russia
5. Maik Zimmer/Adeline Kastalion, Germany
6. David Jenner/Elisabeth Tuigunov, Germany
7. Cristian Josan/Anghelina Tiganu, Moldova

Ilka Scheible 2014-08-16 10:52 pm

GOC gold for Belometti/Pini

WDSF Open Senior II Standard

Alberto Belometti/Barbara Pini (Foto: Bob van Ooik)

The audience saw a top-class final in the Senior II S Standard competition on the last evening of the 28th German Open. The best in the world honoured the Beethovensaal with their presence. The competition had already started on Friday with 297 couples at the Alte Reithalle and was continued on Saturday morning 8.45 a.m. and from the fourt round onward continued at the Beethovensaal. DanceComp-winners Alberto Belometti/Barbara Pini prevailed in this strong field, won all dances and recieved their first gold medal. Evgeny Olkov/Marina Belyaeva had just missed the final in Wuppertal with the seventh place, in Stuttgart they were ahead of the world championship's seconds Carlo Wilmer Righero/Manuela Traversi with four points and achieved the silver medal. Runner-up of the German championship Gert and Alexandra Faustmann, who were wide awake during the final, had the great support of their fanclub from Berlin. They were seen on fourth place by the judges. On fifth were fourth of the world championship Tiit and Ene Hindpere.The second German couple Bernd and Sandra Ketturkat completed the field on sixth place.

1. Alberto Belometti/Barbara Pini, Italy
2. Evgeny Olkov/Marina Belyaeva, Russia
3. Carlo Wilmer Righero/Manuela Traversi, Italy
4. Gert Faustmann/Alesandra Kley, Germany
5. Tiit  und Ene Hindpere, Estonia
6. Bernd und Sandra Ketturkat, Germany

Ilka Scheible 2014-08-16 10:36 pm

DanceSport Europe was founded

Tanzsport Deutschland was founding member

Gründungsmitglieder (Foto: Thomas Wilczek)

During the 28th German Open Championships in Stuttgart 26 national members of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) founded the European association "DanceSport Europe". Tanzsport Deutschland was a founding member represented by its president Heidi Estler. 


This new level situated over the national associations and within the world association shall improve sponsorship and organization of dancesport in Europe. Within WDSF the continental association of Asia already exists, Europe is now the second, and with Africa the third is in preparation. 


About two-thirds (31) of all European member nations of WDSF took part in the founding session of the WDSF European Continental Association according to Swiss law on August 16, 2014 in Stuttgart. Marc-Frédéric Schäfer led through the assembly as a legal adviser. 


The Managing Committee has the duty to achieve the recognition of the continental association through WDSF as well as to prepare and to organize the first general assembly, where a regular steering committee will be elected. In the following constitutive assembly the committee agreed on president Antero Koponen (Finland) and vice-president Franz Allert (Germany). Further members are Eva Bartunkova (Czech Republic), Fleming Riis (Denmark), Sergio Rotaris (Italy) and as representative of the athletes Ashli Williamson (Denmark). 


Ilka Scheible 2014-08-16 10:19 pm

Second gold for Glenn-Richard Boyce/Kayleigh Andrews

GOC Juniors I Standard

Glenn-Richard Boyce/Kayleigh Andrews (Foto: David Kiefer)

For the second time this week the British anthem was heard for Glenn-Richard Boyce/Kayleigh Andrews. With a convincing performance they won the competition of Junior I Standard and left 77 couples behind. Only the Viennese Waltz was won by Sebastian-Alin Zicoane-Heler/Anca Copos, who were ranked second. Lithuania joined England and Romania as bronze went to Karolis Burneikis/Izabele Sekaite.

1. Glenn-Richard Boyce/Kayleigh Andrews, England
2. Sebastian-Alin Zicoane-Heler/Anca Copos, Romania
3. Karolis Burneikis/Izabele Sekaite, Lithuania
4. Nikita Kolotukhin/Elizaveta Dobriakova, Russia
5. Alexey RYybalkin/Ariadna Tishova, Russia
6. Ilya Goncharenko/Elizaveta Kharinova, Russia

Ilka Scheible 2014-08-16 09:21 pm