German Open Championships
Asian Storm at Senior II A Standard
  • 14.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

One gold medal and one in bronze for China on the third day of the GOC. Silver for Macao.

The second to last medals oft he third day were awarded tot he three best couples of Senior II A Standard at the Reithalle. The first gold medal of the People’s Republic of China went to Wie Wei/Cheuk Lai Choi, who won three dances and left the second place to their rival from Macau, Biao Huang/ Xiaoru Guo. A second medal went tot he People’s Republic of China: Kai Li/Qiu Xiang Huang were seen on third lace in all five dances and therefore were awarded bronze.

1. Wie Wei / Cheuk Lai Choi, P.R. China

2. Biao Huang / Xiaoru Guo, Macao
3. Kai Li / Qiu Xiang Huang, P.R. China

4. Luciano Fusardi / Luisa Rovetta, Italy

5. Dr. Edgardo Ladimo / Dr. Winifreda Constantino, Phillippines

6. Ulrich Spanka / Jekaterina Figul, Germany

7. Oliver Rivera / Veronica Lo, Philippines