German Open Championships
Clear conditions
  • 13.08.2022
  • Gabriele Michel-Schuck

WDSF PD Open Master Class II Standard

Seven professional couples danced in the Master Class II for the coveted GOC gold. Damir Abdoulganeev/Monique Broekmeulen took the lead in the small starting field ahead of Marco Audisio/Tiziana Turinetti. In third place danced Yasufumi and Miwa Tsubouchi from Japan. Fourth and fifth places were awarded to Italy and sixth place went to Thomas Ulrich Luedke/Susanne Scheubeck from Germany.

1. Damir Abdoulganeev/Monique Broekmeulen, Niederlande (5)
2. Marco Audisio/Tiziana Turinetti, Italien (10)
3. Yasufumi und Miwa Tsubouchi, Japan (15)
4. Andrea Iuliano/Monica Smerilli, Italien (20)
5. Giuseppe Reddavide/Silvana Bruno, Italien (25)
6. Thomas Ulrich Luedke/Susanne Scheubeck, TSC Savoy M√ľnchen (30)