German Open Championships
First gold for Estonia
  • 13.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

The judges had to make a difficult decision at the Rising Star Standard competition. 15 couples of eleven nations were dancing in the semi-final, amongst them one German couple.

Nikita Goncharov / Alina Muschalik from Germany also reached the final. This lead to a bit of stress fort he couple as they had to dance a show with Benedetto Ferruggia and Claudia Köhler between the semi-final and the final. They mastered both especially well and reached the final of their competition on seventh place. A couple from Lithuania, Russia, and Estonia competed fort he places on the podium. Edgaras Baltaragis / Indre Kucinskaite could take the Quickstep from their Russian rivals, but were seen on third place in all other dances. The silver medal went to Russia’s Alexey Chebotar / Ekaterina Khoreva. The first gold for Estonia was awarded to Kirill Medianov / Elisaveta Semjonova, who beamed happily from the first step of the podium.

1. Kirill Medianov/Elisaveta Semjonova, Estonia (5)
2. Alexey Chebotar/Ekaterina Khoreva, Russia (11)
3. Edgaras Baltaragis/Indre Kucinskaite, Lithuania (14)
4. Errol Williamson/Ami Williamson, Denmark (21)
5. Ivan Varfolomeev/Kristina Shinkariuk, Russia (24)
6. Alessandro Bosco/Laura Nolan, Ireland (31)
7. Nikita Goncharov/Alina Siranya Muschalik, Germany