German Open Championships
GOC 2023 - GrandSlams and more...
  • 13.02.2023
  • Petra Dres

The German Open Championships 2023 will again offer competitions for all age groups.

In the planning for the five days in August are:

  • GrandSlam Standard (planned DO/FR)
  • GrandSlam Latin (planned FR/SA

Also on the planning list are:

  • Adult Rising Star Standard + Latin
  • U21 Standard + Latin
  • Seniors I, II, III Standard + Latin
  • Seniors IV, V Standard
  • Seniors I, II, III, IV Rising Star Standard
  • Youth Standard, Latin and 10 Dances
  • Juniors II Standard, Latin and 10 dances
  • Juniors I Standard, Latin and 10 dances
  • Juveniles II Standard, Latin and 8 dances
  • Juveniles I Standard, Latin and 6 dances
  • Adult A Standard + Latin
  • Seniors I, Seniors II A Standard
  • PD Super Grand Prix Standard + Latin
  • PD Rising Star Standard + Latin

The date for the German Open Championships 2023 is 8-12 August 2023. The days on which the competitions will take place will be published after the timetable has been finalised.

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