German Open Championships
Good mood at Senior III S Standard - even with a small audience
  • 10.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

World champions Michael and Beate Lindner clearly win the Senior III S Standard competition.

The WDSF Open standard competition in Senior III started with 207 couples around noon. At midnight master of ceremonies Jörg Wendel was able to announce the winners. Michael and Beate Lindner clearly won all five dances. Stefano Proietti/Marina Ischitani fromItaly were able to improve their result from last year and won silver. The third place went to the second German couple in the final, Bernd Farwick/Petra Voosholz.

1. Michael und Beate Lindner, Germany
2. Stefano Proietti/Marina Ischiboni, Italy
3. Bernd Farwick/Petra Voosholz, Germany
4. Masayuki Imai/Yuka Imai, Japan
5. Andrey Kukk/Anna Berezina, Russia
6. Josef Stehlik/Eva Stehlikova, Czech Republic