German Open Championships
Lopez/Perez get gold for Spain
  • 13.08.2022
  • Gabriele Michel-Schuck

WDSF Open Senioren I Latein

Couples from Spain, Germany and Japan occupied the medal places in the Senior I Latin and that with very clear scoures, as the scoure numbers prove. Fernandez David Lopez/Jesica Garcia Perez won gold in all five dances. With five second places, the silver medal went to Markus Heffner/Marina Scharin-Mehlmann and Keigo Oshikawa/Tomoyo Wada took the first bronze medal back to Japan.

1. Fernandez David Lopez/Jesica Garcia Perez, Spanien (5)
2. Markus Heffner/Marina Scharin-Mehlmann, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (10)
3. Keigo Oshikawa/Tomoyo Wada, Japan (15)
4. Pasqualino Pompetti/Alessia di Lorenzo, Italien (20)
5. Arpad Toth/Erika Kelemen, Ungarn (26)
6. Arno Klöcker/Juliane Braun, OTK Schwarz-Weiß im SCS Berlin (29)
7. Murase Kenichi/Ozasa Shiori, Japan (35)