German Open Championships
Photographers at the GOC
  • 19.08.2023
  • Petra Dres

Contacts with the official GOC team and accredited photographers

As of 2022, we no longer maintain our own photo galleries.

Please contact the photographers listed below yourself for current pictures or look through their galleries.

Please understand that we cannot answer questions about which photographer accompanied which tournament. Thank you very much.

Here are the contacts to the photographers who were on the sidelines during the GOC:

GOC team



Andreas Klemm


Bob van Ooik

Volker Hey


Other photographers



Rob Ronda


Hermann Depner


Luana Sommer


CZ2U s.r.o


RoĢbert Fogl


Marius Mutin



Martin Golkowki

Moritz Heemann




Robert Panther


Waldemar Quella