German Open Championships
Title defence succeeded
  • 17.08.2019
  • Ilka Scheible

European championship Boogie-Woogie Main Class

Scandinavia dominated the field of nations in Boogie-Woogie Main Class. Sondre Bye Olsen/Tatiana Georgiievska defended their title from the European championship in 2018. With 103 points they stayed true to their role as favorites and won the title. Juho Päivinen/Mari Munne danced from place four to two, which means silver. The third medal went to Viktor and Wilma Edlund, who broke away from the field with 82 points.

1. Sondre Bye Olsen/Tatiana Georgiievska, Norway (104)
2. Juho Päivinen/Mari Munne, Finland (93) 3. Viktor und Wilma Edlund, Sweden (82)
4. Masi Saurén/Anna Tyutyunyuk, Finland (76)
5. Nils Andrén/Bianca Locatelli, Sweden (75)
6. Simone Corsi/Giulia Cornelli, Italy (74)
7. Alexey Gavrilov/Svetlana Gavrilova, Russia (73)