German Open Championships
What if...
  • 12.08.2020
  • Petra Dres

German Open Championships – 2nd day

Again it would have been a long day at the GOC in the Stuttgart Liederhalle. Six new GOC winners would have been chosen, a competiton would have started with the first round.

On Wednesday, the couples of the Adult Rising Star Latin had to work hard for five dances. Two competitions would have continued, four competitions would have been complete.

The special highlight: the team match BRNO-Stuttgart, which had been a lot of fun for everyone in 2019, would have rocked the Beethovensaal this time.

There would have been winners in the following competitions:

  • WDSF Open Youth Latin
  • WDSF Open Senior III Standard
  • GOC Adult Rising Star Standard
  • GOC Junior II Standard
  • GOC Juveniles II 8 Dance
  • GOC Senior II A Standard


These were the medal winners of the 33rd GOC 2019

WDSF Open Youth Latin

1. Vladislav Untu/Polina Baryshnikova (Moldova)
2. German Pugachev/Ariadna Tishova (Russia)
3. Eric Marius Nitu/Antonia Ioana Iosub (Romania)

WDSF Open Senior III Stanard

1. Moreno Carnelli/Michela Saggiorato (Italy)
2. Armando Nespoli/Natalia Gualandris (Italy)
3. Mark Jun Ma/Linda Zhang (Canada)

GOC Adult Rising Star Standard

1. Dmitry Chelpanov/Maria Izotova (Russia)
2. Zhijun Song/Jingyi Hu (China)
3. Kostadin Vasilev/Roberta Scuderi (Bulgaria)

GOC Junior II Standard

1. Kirill Kurbatov/Alexandra Revel-Muroz (Russia)
2. Sergey Saushev/Svetlana Achapkina (Russia)
3. Luca Teodor Butnaru/Julia Denisa Bidica (Romania)

GOC Juveniles II 8 Dance

1. Konstantin Romanov/Arina Guzenko (Russia)
2. Jegors Prokins/Polina Karimova (Latvia)
3. Stepan Baikalov/Elizaveta Shingaleeva (Russia)

GOC Senior II A Standard

1. Fang Mingxi/Jiang Yuexia (P.R. China)
2. Rongjin Qi/Ge Zhang (P.R. China)
3. Giovanni Ayroldi/Maria Vetro (Italy)


See you at the 34th German Open Championships from August 10-14, 2021.
Stay healthy!