German Open Championships
World Cup Final with Cries of Jubilation and Tears of Mourning
  • 13.08.2022
  • Katharina Schuck

World Championships Boogie Woogie Main Class

The World Championship of the Boogie Woogie Main Class ended today to thunderous applause and cheers. The victory, already thought to be in the hands of the Finns, went to Alessia Ghezzo/Dimitri Masotti (Italy), who passed the runners-up in the slow round. The crowd favourites, Bianca Locatelli/Nils Anrén from Sweden, managed to jump to third place on the podium, which caused a mixture of tears of joy and mourning for their friends Wilma Edlund/Viktor Edlund, also from Sweden.

  1. Alessia Ghezzo/Dimitri Masotti, Italy
  2. Anna Tyutyunyuk/Masi Saurén, Finland
  3. Bianca Locatelli/Nils Anrén, Sweden
  4. Wilma Edlund/Viktor Edlund, Sweden
  5. Roxane Veron/Florent Llamas, France
  6. Giulia Cornelli/Simone Corsi, Italy
  7. Ida Keränen/Juho Päivinen, Finland