German Open Championships

General Terms of Conditions (GTC)

Competition registration/tickets purchase
The following General Terms and Sales Conditions for sales of entrance tickets by German Open Championships Tanzevent Management GmbH (hereinafter referred to as GOC) shall apply to all deliveries and services (including information, arranging vouchers, etc.) associated with the booking, sale and delivery of entrance tickets (hereinafter referred to as tickets). 

  1. GOC GmbH offers its customers the opportunity to buy tickets in writing, by telephone, by fax or via the internet subject to the proviso of these General Terms and Conditions. 
  2. The offer for conclusion of a contract shall be made by the customer as soon as he or she books tickets. Then, GOC shall check whether the ordered quantity of tickets is still available in the selected price category. The customer's offered contract shall be accepted with the direct debit or with payment on collection. If the reserved quantity of tickets is no longer available in the selected price category, tickets of equivalent value shall be issued where possible. In addition to the ticket fee, GOC may also charge a postage and handling fee. As far as international dispatch from Germany to another European country is concerned, GOC shall charge country-related handling and postage fees. These must be clearly identified during the ordering process. 
  3. GOC shall reserve the right to restrict the number of tickets for each order. 
  4. German corporate and private customers may pay only by direct debit or using the standard means of payment when collecting the tickets. Foreign corporate and private customers may pay only by credit card (Mastercard, Diners, Visa) or using the standard means of payment when collecting the tickets. Payment by direct debit or credit card is immediate. GOC undertakes to use the bank or credit card data only for the purpose of payment and to save them only for this purpose. If there are insufficient funds in the account or credit on the credit card to cover the payment, the order shall be without effect from the outset. 
  5. GOC shall dispatch the tickets at the expense (postage fee, see above) and risk of the customer. GOC shall reserve the right to select the dispatch company at its own discretion. 
  6. The tickets shall be sent to the customer at the latest four weeks after receipt of the order and payment. The customer shall be required to contact GOC if he or she has not received the purchased tickets within the stated deadline. If GOC is at fault, the customer shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. 
  7. Immediately upon receipt of the tickets the customer shall be required to check them for correctness in terms of number and prices, date, time, event and venue. Complaints about incorrect tickets must be made without undue delay (i.e. within two working days) after receipt of the consignment. The complaint must be made in writing, either by e-mail to GOC ( harry.koerner @ ) or by post to GOC Geschäftstelle, c/o Harry Körner, Neuffenstraße 60, 73420 Wendlingen. The postmark or the date of the e-mail transmission protocol shall be decisive for compliance with the complaint deadline. In the case of questions, the customer may contact the GOC office on the telephone number +49 (0)7024 - 927 152. 
  8. Purchased tickets may not be returned in principle. Tickets that the customer has lost or destroyed shall not be replaced or reimbursed (with the exception of seat tickets). 
  9. It is possible to put the tickets away at the box-office. These tickets must have been paid for in advance by direct debit or credit card. Upon payment, the order shall become binding and may no longer be cancelled. The ordering party shall receive confirmation of the order, which should be presented when collecting the tickets. If the tickets are not collected, it will not be possible to reimburse the purchase price. 
  10. According to Article 312g (2) No. 9  of the German Civil Code, the provisions on distance selling contracts do not apply to ticket sales. This means that a two-week entitlement to cancel and return the items is excluded. Every ticket order shall thus be binding immediately after confirmation by GOC and requires the customer to collect and pay for the tickets ordered. 
  11. GOC shall decide whether tickets for cancelled or postponed events shall be reimbursed. If GOC decides to reimburse the tickets, this shall be possible only if the customer returns the tickets to GOC. No reimbursement shall be possible if the tickets are lost. No handling and postage fees shall be paid back if the entrance price is reimbursed. If events are postponed, the ticket shall remain valid unless GOC announces an arrangement to the contrary. 
  12. All data transmitted by the customer shall be processed by GOC while adhering to the applicable data protection provisions. Personal data collected in the order process shall be used by GOC only to process the order. 
  13. If the tickets are ordered via the internet, the data shall be transmitted with being encrypted. 
  14. Claims for damages for whatever legal reason shall be excluded, provided that GOC, its legal representative or its vicarious agents have not acted intentionally or with gross negligence. Claims for damages resulting from impossibility of performance and delay shall be limited to compensation for the foreseeable damage in the case of slight negligence. This shall not apply to damage resulting from injuries to life, limb or health.
  15. The carrying of glass containers, cans, pyrotechnic objects, flames and weapons is generally prohibited. If this requirement is not observed, the person concerned shall be removed from the venue premises. There shall be a security check at the entrance. The security staff is authorised to conduct body searches. 
  16. The carrying of sound recording equipment, film and video cameras is not permitted in principle. Sound and video recordings – even for private use – are prohibited in principle. Abuse shall be investigated under criminal law. Exceptions shall be announced by GOC. 17) The customer acknowledges that video and sound recordings can be made by GOC at any time, and expressly approves this by buying the tickets. He or she shall also approve these video images being broadcast. 
  17. GOC shall reserve the right to refuse entrance for an important reason (in return for reimbursement of the nominal value of the ticket). 19) The ticket shall lose validity when the holder leaves the venue premises. For readmission on the same day you will be given a pass at the exit that must be presented together with the ticket when you re-enter the venue premises. Passes are collected when you re-enter. 20) The organiser shall not be responsible for lost or stolen items. 
  18. The purchase of tickets for the purpose of selling them on is generally prohibited. 
  19. The sole place of performance for delivery, services and payment is Stuttgart. The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes directly or indirectly resulting from this contractual relationship is Stuttgart. 
  20. Severability: If individual clauses of these General Terms and Conditions are ineffective, the rest of the contract shall remain effective. 
  21. Only the applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply, excluding UN sales law (CISG). International ticket sales: the purchase shall be deemed to be international if the tickets are dispatched to a country other than the Federal Republic of Germany. German law shall apply to these purchasing contracts, the place of jurisdiction shall be Stuttgart.
  22. The customer acknowledges the fact that audio and video records might be taken by the GOC at any time and authorizes this through the purchase of tickets for the event. The customer also agrees to the fact that the records will be broadcast by a TV or radio station, and also might be published on the GOC’s homepage and the event’s social media accounts.
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