German Open Championships
First gold medal for Slovakia
  • 10.08.2017
  • Ilka Scheible

18 couples started at the PD Open Master Class Standard competition, where four nations were present at the final.

Two German couples made it to the final. Sascha Wakup/Ann-Katrin Bechthold already danced the third competition at this GOC. The German champions were very satisfied with their performance, but a bit disappointed with the sixth place. Heinz-Josef and Aurelia Bickers repeated last year's success with a fourth place. Bronze went to Japan's Keita and Minako Yamazaki. Daniele Paradini/Paola Rosi could not defend their first place of 2016 and were awarded silver. Winner of the competition were David Schavel/Iryna Copp.

1. David Schavel/Irina Copp, Slovakia (5)
2. Daniele Paradini/Paola Rosi, Italy (10)
3. Keita and Minako Yamazaki, Japan (15)
4. Heinz-Josef and Aurelia Bickers, Germany (21)
5. Donato Angelino/Luisa Cosentino, Italy (24,5)
6. Sascha Wakup/Ann-Katrin Bechthold, Germany (29,5)