German Open Championships

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German Open Championships Information

What are the German Open Championships?

The German Open Championships are the largest dance sport competition in the world and have been held in Stuttgart since 2004. In three different halls of the Liederhalle, numerous competitions are held for couples and individual dancers in the disciplines of standard, Latin, ten-dance, boogie woogie and wheelchair dance.

How do I find my way around the German Open Championships?

The Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle is a cultural and conference centre on Berliner Platz in Stuttgart. The building ensemble consists of various halls, of which the German Open Championships uses the Beethoven Hall and the Hegel Hall for the competitions. Competitions are also held next door in the "Alte Reithalle". This is an event location next to the Maritim Hotel Stuttgart. All event venues, as well as the hotel and various multi-storey car parks, are connected underground.

Site plan: event-guide/lageplan

Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle:

When did the German Open Championships start?

In 1984, coach Harry Körner (Calw) had the idea to set up a competition similar to the traditional "Blackpool" competition and quickly found a comrade-in-arms in the Mannheim club president Alex Buttweiler. The form of the competition, which is unique for Germany: amateurs and professionals of all sections and age groups dance within one event.

The German Open Championships are born and are held for the first time in 1987 in the Rosengarten in Mannheim.

Why you should not miss the German Open Championships as a spectator or as a starter?

Because the German Open Championships is the world's largest dance sport competition in the world. Coaches and top dancers from all over the world meet here. Top-class dance sport is shown in great variety: wheelchair dance, boogie woogie, solo dance, standard and latin, for the youngest up to 9 years (Juveniles) or for the oldest performance class from 70/75 (Senior V). The venues, such as the Beethovensaal, offer a wonderful ambience. An enormous number of dance sport exhibitors can be visited.


Who is allowed to compete at the German Open Championships?

Participation is already possible from the A class onwards, e.g. for the main group, Masters I and Masters II. Those who have applied for a WDSF licence as an A couple are already allowed to compete in the international WDSF competitions of the German Open Championships..

Where do I have to register as a participant?

Competitions can be registered here: Entry

The registration fee is reduced until 30 June, but registration is still possible after this date. Please check the expiry date of your WDSF Member ID Card when you register.

Entry fee

From now on, entries for competitions - including solo competitions - can be made here: entry

The registration fee is reduced until 30 June 2024, but registration is still possible after this date. Please check the expiry date of your WDSF Member ID Card when you register.

As a participant, can I watch all the competitions?

Starters of the respective day will be treated as spectators with standing room tickets. It is possible to watch in all three halls, but there is no standing room entitlement for the Beethovensaal during the evening event. It is therefore advisable to book additional seats for the Beethovensaal.

Solo competitions - and now?

Solo competitions again will be offered at the German Open Championships. Here is the most important information:

Can I compete with my partner at the same time and additionally compete alone in the solo competitions?

  • Yes, this is possible for the age groups Juvenile II, Junior I, Junior II and Youth.
  • The age groups are stated in the regulations under "age regulations".

What do I need to participate in the solo competition?

  • The competitors in the Solo Competitions need a WDSF Member ID Number (MIN).
  • Entry portal: Entry

What am I allowed to wear?

  • The dress code of the highest class of the respective age group applies. I.e. everything from street clothes to tournament clothes according to the rules is allowed.
  • Dress regulations WDSF
Late night check-in

Participants have the opportunity to register the evening before their competittion. The check-in is open from 18:00 for the next day.

You can reach the check-in 

  • via the outdoor area behind the Liederhalle (signposted)
  • via the indoor area at the competition registration desk.


Do I need tickets in advance if I only want to watch?

Early ticket purchase is highly recommended for a spectator seat in the Beethoven Hall. Advance sales started on 15.03. Tickets are still available at the box office, but there is no standing guaranteed for the evening event in the Beethovensaal. For the Hegelsaal and the Alte Reithalle: free seating (only in combination with a valid ticket - no seat reservation).

To the Tickets

I have a ticket. Can I leave the Liederhalle and come back later?

You can enter the Liederhalle with the admission ticket, the ticket is then no longer valid. If you want to leave the hall again, ask for an re-entry ticket. With this you can enter the Liederhalle again at any time.

I have a seat ticket, but my seat is taken.

When you buy a seat ticket, you are admitted to the Liederhalle and entitled to the seat in the Beethovensaal indicated on your ticket. You can leave this seat at any time and move freely around the hall area. If you wish to leave the hall, ask for an re-entry ticket. You can use this to re-enter the Liederhalle area at any time.

It is common for vacant seats in the Beethovensaal to be used by people (e.g. photographers) who do not have a seat ticket. If your seat is occupied, speak to the person and the seat will be released.

Access to the Liederhalle

Access to the Liederhalle is only possible with a valid original admission ticket.

Arrival / Hotel

Where can I book a hotel?

On the website, recommendations are made for various hotels with a reservation link or preference code. Early reservation is advisable.

How do I travel to the German Open Championships?

Stuttgart can be reached very easily by car, train or plane.

You can find all important information here:

Where to park my car?

Via the 3 underground car parks in Schloßstraße, Liederhalle/Bosch-Areal and Holzgartenstraße you have direct access to the " Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle". The Maritim Hotel Stuttgart is located directly next to the Liederhalle and offers its own parking garage for guests. 

More information, including prices, can be found here:

General information

What is a WDSF Open Competition?

This is an international competition to which couples from all over the world are admitted. Usually the dance floors and starting fields are larger. Initially, 12-14 couples start at the same time. These are divided into "heats" = rounds. Often, after the first round, the number of starters is halved, so that towards the end there is always a round of the last 48, 24, 12 and 6. If the starting fields are very large, there are "fixed heats", i.e. always the same couples in a round. The rules stipulate this - but only in the first rounds.

What is a Rising Star Competiton?

What is a rising star competition?

This is a WDSF competition where the top 50 couples in the world are excluded. For the GOC, the cut-off date of 1.8.2023 of the world ranking list is decisive. So there are better chances for new couples from the midfield. 

You can find out where you currently stand in the world ranking here:

What is a GrandSlam Competition?

This is series of the most important dance competitions of the WDSF with its own ranking system. There are five GrandSlam competitions worldwide with twelve judges from twelve nations.

What are Star Couples?

These are couples who are exempt from the first round due to their position in the current ranking list. Star couples therefore only start from the 2nd round.