German Open Championships
All was very close at Junior II Latin
  • 10.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

It was a very tight field in the final of Junior II Latin.

Six out of 134 competing couples reached the sixth and final round.Among them Efrem Kuzmichenko/Samira Hafez, who repeated their success from last year. Two couples from Romania and Russia competed for the win until the last dance. Only in Jive the decision was made in favor of Romanians Alexandru Cristian Mihai/Raluca Maria Andrei; with one point difference Artem Nasretdinov/Elizaveta Semashko followed. Vladislav Untu/Alexandrina Olteanu won their second bronze medal (after the combination one). Efrem Kuzmichenko/Samira Hafez reached the final on fourth place and also won it in the end. However there was only one place difference between each place from four to six.

1. Alexandru Cristian Mihai/Raluca Maria Andrei, Romania
2. Artem Nasretdinov/Elizaveta Semashko, Russia
3. Vladislav Untu/Alexandrina Olteanu, Moldova
4. Efrem Kuzmichenko/Samira Hafez, Germany
5. Antonio Mosa/Mihaela Antonova, France
6. Eric Marius Nitu/Antonia Ioana Iosub, Romania