German Open Championships
Boogie Woogie Main Class
  • 16.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

One time runner-up always runner-up: big disappointment for Pontus Persson/Isabella Grgorio.

The title of world champion in Boogie Woogie Main Class went to Norway for the fifth time. All five gold medals were won by Thorbjorn Solvoll Urkskog, two of them with his current partner Flora Bouchereau. The runner-up was deeply disappointed. Pontus Persson/Isabella Grgorio hat to make due once again with silver at a world championship. Thomas Audon/Sophie Allaf, who won bronze, were very pleased to take their medal home to France.

1. Thorbjorn Solvoll Urkskog / Flora Bouchereau, Norway
2. Pontus Persson / Isabella Grgorio, Sweden
3. Thomas Audon / Sophie Allaf, France
4. Grzegorz CherubinskiI / Agnieszka Cherubinska, Poland
5. Jesper Boberg / Sara Victorin, Sweden
6. Ludovic Chanton / Stacy Aurel, France