German Open Championships
Bumpy start to the final
  • 12.08.2023
  • Katharina Schuck

WDSF Open Senior II Standard

Punctually at 21:05 the sixth round for the Seniors II Standard should start. Due to missing judges there was a few minutes delay and the announcement of tournament director Harry Körner that the bill for the consolation round of champagne could be split among themselves. However, it did not come to that.
The Vice World Champions Tomas Rimkus/Nerija Surblyte pushed through to the top with three won dances and danced their third victory on German soil this year after Wuppertal and Berlin. DanceComp winners Slawek Lukawczyk/Janine-Nicole Desai finished second in the Beethovensaal ahead of Latvians Lionel Lepreux/Charlotte Milleville, who finished third with a clear gap to the first two medal places.
Three German couples reached the semifinals and finished seventh, tenth and thirteenth. (MiSchu)

1. Tomas Rimkus/Nerija Surblyte, Litauen (7)
2. Slawek Lukawczyk/Janine-Nicole Desai, england (8)
3. Gatis Simsons/Julija Simsone, Lettland (17)
4. Lionel Lepreux/Charlotte Milleville, Frankreich (18)
5. Vicente Munar Vidal/Rosa Maria Garcia Perello, Spanien (25)
6. Miroslav Serak/Martina Grosupova, Tschechien (30)
7. Dr. Konstantin Maletz/Ina Fuchs, Gelb-Schwarz-Casino München
10. Maksim Tschernin/Diana Pierau, TTC München
13. Fabian Lohauß/Simone Braunschweig, Askania – TSC Berlin

Photo: Volker Hey