German Open Championships
Double Success For Spain
  • 16.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

It was all about Viva Españia at the award ceremony of the Senior Latin I competition. Eduardo Cervera Martinez / Piedra Escrita Medina Mateos couldn’t believe their luck, when they were announced winner of the WDSF Open.

They won Cha Cha, Paso Doble, and Jive. The second place went also to Spain. Ruben Viciana Lopez / Eva Moya won Samba and became second Cha Cha, third in Jive and fifth in Rumba and Paso Doble. Bronze went to Michael Horstmann / Denise Heller from Belgium. Fourth place was decided by skating. Dmytro Kapustynskyy / Yevginiia Sikorska had luck on their side. Andreas Hoffmann / Isabel Krüger became fifth. Sixth place went to Sergey and Anna Makarenko from Russia.


1. Eduardo Cervera Martinez / Piedra Escrita Medina Mateos, Spain (8.0)

2. Ruben Viciana Lopez / Eva Moya, Spain (16)

3. Michael Horstmann / Denise Heller, Belgium (17)

4. Dmytro Kapustynskyy / Yevginiia Sikorska, Ukraine (21)

5. Andreas Hoffmann / Isabel Krüger, Germany (21)

6. Sergey und Anna Makarenko, Russia (22)