German Open Championships
Double success for the P.R. China
  • 09.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

In Senior I A Standard two medals went on their way to the P.R. China

With all won dances gold went to Keming Guo/Caixia Chang. Their fellow countrymen Bo Peng/Li Zeig won silver. With two second and two third places each and a second place in slow foxtrot Linar Siraziev/Tatiana Borisovskaya were awarded the bronze medal. Randall Pitts/Katja Schlenkermann-Pitts, were the best German couple and reached the fifth place.

1. Keming Guo/Caixia Chang, P.R. China
2. Bo Peng / Li Zeng, P.R. China
3. Linar Siraziev/Tatiana Borisovskaya, Russia
4. Silviu Adrian Nedelcu/Nicoleta Nedelcu, Romania
5. Randall Pitts/Katja Schlenkermann-Pitts, Germany
6. Danny Garbin/Manuela Bernardi, Italy