German Open Championships
European champion wins Youth Latin
  • 09.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

In the morning, 201 youth couples, exactly the same as last year, started in the Youth Latin competition. Among them were the couples placed first, second and fifth at the European championship.

The field shrank to seven couples in the final, the seventh round. Among them were the only German couple Daniel Dingis/Natalia Velikina, who are German champions. They finished on seventh place. At the top was also a champion couple, the European champions Dmitry Kulebakin/Maria Chernykh. They won all five dances. Following were runner-ups of the european championship Denis Gudovsky/Megija Dana Morite. Russia and Latvia were accompanied by Romania, represented by Fabian Ardeiu/Raluca Andreea Manea, on the winner's rostrum. 

1. Dmitry Kulebakin/Maria Chernykh, Russia
2. Denis Gudovsky/Megija Dana Morite, Latvia
3. Fabian Ardeiu/Raluca Andreea Manea, Romania
4. Alexey Korobchenko/Anait Abramian, Russia
5. Leonardo Lini/Mia Gabusi, Italy
6. Raffaello Brancato/Amandine Van Biesbroeck, France
7. Daniel Dingis/Natalia Velikina, Germany