German Open Championships
Exciting final in Junior II
  • 09.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

The order after the standard final was pretty mixed up after the latin final.

Two and a half couples from last year's final were starting again in the Junior II combination competition, among them defending champion Glenn-Richard Boyce with a new partner. In the two final rounds the different preferences of the couples clearly affected the outcome. After the standard final nothing was settled. mit einer neuen Partnerin. Karolis Burneikis/Izabele Sekaite clearly won all five dances, but fell behind on second place after the latin section. For Artem Nasretdinov/Elizaveta Semashko it was the other way round. They caught up quickly in latin and therefore secured the gold medal. Vladislav Untu/Alexandrina Olteanu, who danced in last year's final as Burneikis/Sekaite won third place with balanced results.

1. Artem Nasretdinov/Elizaveta Semashko, Russia
2. Karolis Burneikis/Izabele Sekaite, Lithuania
3. Vladislav Untu/Alexandrina Olteanu, Moldova
4. German Pugachev/Ariadna Tishova, Russia
5. Glenn-Richard Boyce/Caroly Janes. England
6. Veaceslav Nagailic/Nina Dudoglo, Moldova