German Open Championships
German champions also win GOC gold
  • 13.08.2022
  • Gabriele Michel-Schuck

WDSF Open Senioren II Standard

The seven final couples of the Seniors II Standard did not make it easy for the judging panel on the last evening in the Beethoven Hall. The first four places had to be calculated using the skating system. The reigning German Champions Marco Wittkowski/Martina Bruhns prevailed in the end against the Senior III winners of the privious day and won their first GOC gold medal in the age group Senior II. WM-Finalist Slawek Lukawczyk/Janine-Nicole Desai took third place ahead of Vicente Munar Vidal/Rosa Maria Garcia Parello who skated ahead of Fabian Lohauß/Simone Braunschweig who took fourth place.

1. Marco Wittkowski/Martina Bruhns, Bielefelder TC Metropol (8)
2. Slawek Lukawczyk/Janine-Nicole Desai, England (8)
3. Vicente Munar Vidal/Rosa Maria Garcia Parello, Spanien (18)
4. Fabian Lohauß/Simone Braunschweig, Askania – TSC Berlin (18)
5. Maksim Tschernin/Diana Pierau, TTC München (24)
6. Antonio Arena/Elga Farnesi, Italien (30)
7. Robrecht Krikilion/Nadia Schepens, Belgien (34)