German Open Championships
GOC Wheelchair Standard LWD 1
  • 16.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

Premier of wheelchair dancing at the GOC – the two competitions of wheelchair dancing hit upon great interest. In close cooperation with Tanzsport Deutschland and the German wheelchair sports association, a pilot project was started and two competitions in the LWD 1 and LWD 2 classes were integrated into the GOC.

According tot he physical possibilities of the dancers, you divide into two different levels: "Level Wheelchair Dance": LWD 1 and LWD 2, LWD 1 is the more handicapped class.


First gold for wheelchair dancing at the GOC went to Germany. Only two couples were competing, as one couple had canceled their start. It was a close race, Reiner Kober / Birgit Habben -Kober, who won Waltz, Viennes Waltz, and Foxtrott became the first GOC victor. Second place went to Johann Kaschuba / Eva Birken- Sperl, who won Tango.


1. Raine Kober/Birgit Habben-Kober, Germany

2. Johann Kaschuba/Eva Birken-Sperl, Germany