German Open Championships
GOC Wheelchair Standard LWD 2
  • 16.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

Ukraine dominated the wheelchair competition LWD 2. Four couples were competing.

With their musical and harmonic dancing Andiri Toutyi/Nataliya Kolesova won over jury and judges. They won all five dances. Second place went to

Jean-Marc Clement / Andrea Neumann from Germany. Bronze was won by Steven Fenech / Roxanne Buttigieg from Malta. Fourth place went to Thomas and Eva Hassa from Germany.


1. Andiri Toutyi/Nataliya Kolesova, Ukraine

2. Jean-Marc Clement/Andrea Naumann, Germany

3. Steven Fenek/Roxanne Buttigieg, Malta

4. Thomas und Eva Hass, Germany