German Open Championships
Meeting of the best of the world ranking list Boogie Woogie Junior
  • 14.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

First of the world ranking list Andrea Pisani/Debora Derrico qualified themselves for the world championship final Boogie Woogie Junior at the GOC, but weren't as good as expected.

21 couples were competing at the competition, six of the were part of the final. Among them were two world championship and one European participants. Jonas Boberg/Ebba Victorin, second in the world ranking list, from Sweden pushed through in the competition and won the gold medal. The judges elected their fellow countrymen Joel Lundberg/Linnea Takmann, who are listed as the third best couple in the world, as runners-up in the world championship. The bronze medal went to Norway's Thomas Kildal Jacobsen/Stine Aparicio-Kristenesen. 

1. Jonas Boberg / Ebba Victorin, Sweden 
2. Joel Lundberg / Linnea Takmann, Sweden
3. Thomas Kildal Jacobsen / Stine Aparicio-Kristenesen, Norway
4. Simone Corsi / Sofia Savini, Italy
5. Christophe Chanton / Lily Delenne, France
6. Andrea Pisani / Debora Derrico, Italy