German Open Championships
Narrow lead for Moldova
  • 12.08.2023
  • Katharina Schuck

WDSF Juniors I Standard

For the Juniors I, the GOC program ended on Saturday with the Standard competition, in which 52 couples from 18 countries participated, including four from the DTV. The standard tournament was the smallest of the three competitions in this age group, but offered great performances by the players aged 13 or less. Three couples ended up dancing a Junior I final for the third time. It was quite close at the top - only one point separated the winners Stefan Mantu/Emiliana Procopciuc from their pursuers Iustin-Teodor Homiuc/Maya-Maria Anton (Romania). With Mircea Andrei Dumitru/Alexandra Vasile the third place also went to Romania.

One couple from the DTV quartet is among the triple finalists in the Junior I: Ivan Smekalkin/Ivanna Bondaryeva, the winners in the Combined, took fifth place in the Standard final. (Ulrike Sander-Reis)

WDSF Juniors I Standard

  1. Stefan Mantu/Emiliana Procopciuc, Moldova (8)
  2. Iustin-Teodor Homiuc/Maya-Maria Anton, Romania (9)
  3. Mircea Andrei Dumitru/Alexandra Vasile, Romania (13)
  4. Tymoteusz Korczyk/Olga Stachowiak, Poland (22)  
  5. Ivan Smekalkin/Ivanna Bondaryeva, Schwarz-WeiƟ-Club Pforzheim (23)
  6. Daniel Martiniuc/Sophia Ivanova, Moldova (30)

Photo: Bob van Ooik