German Open Championships
No surprise at Senior IV
  • 11.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

Leaders of the world ranking list and winners of the German Open 2015 Luciano Ceruti/Rosa Nuccia Cappello took the gold medal home once more.

The Italian anthem was not only played for the winners. The whole winners rostrum sang ahead as only Italians were on it. Second place of the competition went to Alessandro Barbone/Patrizia Flamini. At first the couple did not find it's right foot in the final and therefore left the first dance to the third placed Nicholas Nero/Anna Maria Arzenton.

1. Luciano Ceruti/Rosa Nuccia Cappello, Italy
2. Alessandro Barbone/Patrizia Flamini, Italy
3. Nicholas Nero/Anna Maria Arzenton, Italy
4. Bram Stelling/Ans Stelling, Netherlands
5. Maurizio Servadei/Anna Charrier, Italy
6. Salvatore Gallo/Rachele Coppola, Italy