German Open Championships
Reception on the occasion of the 30th German Open Championships
  • 10.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

On Tuesday evening the organizers traditionally invited to the reception. Representatives of politics, sports, and economy came to admire the performances of the dancers on the first day.

"30 years GOC that's a long time," CEO Wilfried Scheible opened the reception. He welcomed guests from politics, sports, and economy. Dr. Martin Schairer, mayor of the city of Stuttgart, responsible for safety, order, and sports was warmly welcomed by Scheible. He wished him much fun watching the competitions. He was happy about the visit of Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, member of the German Bundestag, vice-presidents of WDSF, Jim Fraser and Michael Eichert, and Verena Sulek, president of the Professional Division. He also welcomed Heidi Estler, president of Tanzsport Deutschland, vice-president Tim Rausche, instruction coordinator Birgit von Daake, and spokesman Daniel Reichling. A welcome also went to newly elected president of the Landessportverband, Elvira Menzer-Haasis, and several other guests. Dr. Martin Schairer was pleased that he could open such a large event for the first time and relayed the regards of Lord Mayor, Fritz Kuhn, and the municipal council. "The city of Stuttgart is proud of this event", he said. It is part of a large number of sport events. "The nail-biting fair has an end", Schairer turned to CEO Scheible.„Die Stadt Stuttgart ist stolz auf dieses Event“, berichtete er. Es reihe sich ein in eine große Zahl an Sportevents. The grant of 95,000 Euro is part of the household and confirmed until 2024. He thanked the many volunteers and the organizers for their work. Jim Frazer, 1st vice-president of WDSF, relayed the regards of president Lukas Hinder and all Rothe presidial colleagues. He thanked the many volunteers, "who are never heard, but without them, we all could go home". Therefore he thanked the many volunteers, who make such an event possible. Heidi Estler, president of Tanzsport Deutschland and vice-president of DanceSport Europe praised the GOC in light of the splendid 30 events. She was pleased by the fact that Interior Minister, Dr. Thomas de Maizière, took over the patronage once more. This shows the recognition of the highest level. The GOC are also an important meeting point in a dancer's point of view. The congresses before and after the event and the many meetings and sessions show the importance for officials. She thanked the volunteers, more than 500, and the main organizers, Harry Körner and Wilfried Scheible. She wished everyone beautiful competitions and pleasant conversations. The newly elected president of the Landessportverbandes, Elivira Münzer-Haasis, relayed the regards of the association. "I'm here for the first time in real, formerly I have only watched it on TV," she said. She also especially thanked the volunteers and wished everyone a successful event.