German Open Championships
Rendezvous of the starlets
  • 10.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

17 couples of the 143, who started in the Youth Standard competition, were pleased about a starlet that saved them from the first round. Six "starlets" danced in the final late in the evening.

Finalists of World and European championships competed against each other in the GOC final and took care of a high performance level. Clear winners were World and Eupen champion Paul Rednic/Roxana Lucaciu, befittingly followed by the runner-ups of the World championship, Denis Gudovsky/Megija Dana Morite, and the third placed of the World championship, Yahor Boldysh/Polina Minerva. Germany was only represented until the third round, Arseni Pavlov/Nicole Balski reached a shared 37th place.

1. Paul Rednic/Roxana Lucaciu, Romania
2. Denis Gudovsky/Megija Dana Morite, Latvia 
3. Yahor Boldysh/Polina Mineeva, Belarus
4. Maxim Pugachev/Kira Oxas, Russia
5. Tiberiu-Florin Stan/Daria Grigore, Romania
6. Vladislavs Pecens/Aliaksandra Bahushevich, Latvia