German Open Championships
Responsible persons draw positive balance
  • 12.08.2023
  • Gabriele Michel-Schuck

GOC press conference with pleasing figures

At the press conference on the final day of the German Open Championships in the Stuttgart Liederhalle there was a review of the past days and the following conclusion:

The GOC were a great success. Not only the number of visitors was higher than it has been for a long time! During the five GOC days 3800 starters from 55 nations danced. That is about 1000 athletes more than last year. For the first time, solo dancers also had the chance for a place on the podium. The new tournament form met with enormous interest among participants and visitors.

Wilfried Scheible, managing director of the GOC and president of the Tanzsportverband Baden-Württemberg, spoke of schedules that had to be changed up to 26 times due to the late registrations of participants, and that until the last day before the event. "The number of participants has again reached a pre-Corona status," the LTV president was pleased to say. The GOC lives, as every year, not only from the visitors and the dancers, but also from the many helpers. This year, 530 volunteers alone ensured that the event ran smoothly.

More than 50 journalists from 15 nations reported on the German Open via any channel. Those who could not be there had the opportunity to watch all the tournaments online via a stream. For next year you can keep August 13 to 17 free. Then the dance fever breaks out again in Stuttgart.

Satisfied reported: Dr. Tim Rausche (President of the German Dancing Federation), Wilfried Scheible (Managing Director of the GOC), Katrin Kerber (President of the German Rock'n'Roll and Boogie Woogie Association), Harry Körner (Managing Director of the GOC) and Petra Dres (Press Officer of the GOC).

Bastian Jöricke