German Open Championships
Runner-up of the world championship beats world champion
  • 15.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

World class dance sport in Stuttgart. Italian duel decides over GOC-gold.

An exciting final was delivered by the finalists of the WDSF Open Senior II Standard competition to the audience in the early evening at the Beethovensaal. Foir of the six finalist of the world championship in Rimini as well as a permanent guest of the GOC and a repeat offender danced for gold after two days of competition. Only the last rating brought the decision. 

Runner-up of the world championship and last year's GOC winner Alberto Belometti/Barbara Pini won with one point ahead and left silver for the acting world champion Stefano Bernardini/Stefania Martellini. Pierre Payen/Isabelle Reyjal from France, who couldn't participate at the world championship due to healt reasons, were seen on the third place. German champions and third of the world championship Gert Faustmann/Alexandra Kley were pleased with their fourth place followed by more Italian rivals. Bernd and Sandra Ketturkat repeated their placement from last year and became sixth.

1. Alberto Belometti/Barbara Pini, Italy (7)
2. Stefano Bernardini/Stefania Martellini, Italy (8)
3. Pierre Payen/Isabelle Reyjal, France (15)
4. Gert Faustmann/Alexandra Kley, Germany (20)  
5. Armando Nespoli/Natalia Gualandris, Italy (27)
6. Bernd und Sandra Ketturkat, Germany (28)