German Open Championships
Second gold for Ilia and Alexa
  • 12.08.2023
  • Katharina Schuck

GOC Children I Standard

The GOC offered three competitions to the youngest starting group Children I (up to nine years), which practically does not exist in the DTV - here the Children I and II (ten and eleven years) are always combined and start together. The last GOC competition of the "Juveniles I" was also the smallest; 16 couples started here (19 in the combination, 17 in Latin). All three competitions had one thing in common: there were no German couples in the field.

The comparison of the three finals is revealing: Four couples danced in all three finals, one couple won two competitions, another couple took silver twice. Their second gold medal Ilia Zelyamov/Aleksa Mechkova take back to Bulgaria. Silver goes to Moldova with Arsenii Brovchin/Sofia Severin, bronze to Romania with Nicolas-David and Elena-Maria Rad. Remarkable: The three couples are only one point apart - a decision about the places on the podium could not be closer. (Ulrike Sander-Reis)

GOC Children I Standard

  1. Ilia Zelyamov/Aleksa Mechkova, Bulgaria (5)
  2. Arsenii Brovchin/Sofia Severin, Moldova (6)
  3. Nicolas-David and Elena-Maria Rad, Romania (7)
  4. Stefan Oprea/Sofia Jebeleanu, Romania (13)
  5. Saveli Gontsharov/Maria Sadovnikova, Estonia (14)
  6. Tudor Colbu/Ilinca-Maria Molocia, Romania (18)
  7. Bogdan Balaban/Polina Sotnicova, Moldova (21)

Photo: Bob van Ooik