German Open Championships
Short Moment Of Shock
  • 16.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

The audience had expected an relaxed last evening at the GOC. Everony believed in a clear win for Simone Segatori/Annette Sudol. After the rating oft he first dance everything was different.

In their first solo dance their strongest rivals Dmitry Zharkov/Olga Kulikova took a high risk and were rewarded: two ones brought them the win of the first dance before the world champions. After this the atmosphere was burning. The German audience supported Simone and Annette, who didn’t show nerves. In the end it was a clear victory. Third place went to Evaldas Sodeika/Ieva Zukauskaite from Lithuania.

1. Simone Segatori/Annette Sudol, Germany (193.50)
2. Dmitry Zharkov/Olga Kulikova, Russia (189.49)
3. Evaldas Sodeika/Ieva Zukauskaite, Lithuania (181.50)
4. Nikolay Darin/Natalia Seredina, Moldova (175.67)
5. Dr. FrancescoGaluppo/Debora Pacini, Italy (174.79)
6. Bjorn Bitsch/Ashli Williamson, Denmark (174.76)