German Open Championships
Six from eleven
  • 13.08.2022
  • Gabriele Michel-Schuck

GOC PD Rising Stars Latein

Only eleven couples from nine nations took part in the international comparison of the Professional Rising Stars Standard. Four nations remained in the final round.  The Croatians Viktor Szabo/Vanja Vujic won the first gold medal for their home country with five dances. The second-placed Shinawat Lerson/Preeyanoot Patoomsriwiroje only had to give up the Jive to the later third Nicola Leprai/Martina Restuccia and took another silver medal for Thailand.

1. Viktor Szabo/Vanja Vujic, Kroatien (5)
2. Shinawat Lerson/Preeyanoot Patoomsriwiroje, Thailand (11)
3. Nicola Leprai/Martina Restuccia, Italien (14)
4. Mirco Delle Fratte/Ylenia Chiattone, Italien (23)
5. Igor Golovach/Michelle Angela Blank, USA (26)
6. Vittorio Piano/Giusy Comunale, Italien (26)