German Open Championships
The WDSF Academy informs...
  • 20.05.2016
  • Petra Dres

Additional information about the WDSF congress on August 7th and 8th are available now.

Please be informed that with effect from 15 Aug 2016, there will be NO JS 2.1 workshop prior to any Championship, Cups, Multi-Sports Games or Grand Slam. Adjudicators must be proficient with the JS 2.1 system by attending "WDSF JS 2.1 Methods of judging and Assessment Course” and passed the associated examinations in order to be eligible for selection to judge these events.

This course will also fulfil the main entry requirements for upgrading of WDSF Adjudicators Licenses from B to A. For all licensed adjudicators, attending this course will also extend the active status of your adjudicator’s license for 2 years, like a regular Adjudicator’s Congress.

Shawn Tay
Chairman, WDSF DanceSport Academy