German Open Championships
Two times gold for China
  • 13.08.2023
  • Gabriele Michel-Schuck

Juniors II Solo Latein Male and Female

The medal ranks in the Junior II Latin girls went to China, Italy and Ireland. With the victory of ZiHan Wang, another gold medal went to the Middle Kingdom.
In the boys' competition, everything was firmly in Chinese hands. In the end, Yuhao Wang stood at the top of the podium.

GOC Juniors II Latein (48)
1. ZiHan Wang, P.R. China
2. Michele Brunetti, Italien
3. Sinead Doyle, Irland
4. Wang ZiYi, P.R. China
5. Li Yilin, P.R. China
6. Kira Tiasto, Estland

GOC Juniors II Latein (9)
1. Yuhao Wang, P.R. China
2. Hao PeiXuan, P.R. China
3. Yang YouXi, P.R. China
4. Guo JunHao, P.R. China
5. Shi Haoyuan, P.R. China
6. Wang ZiEn, P.R. China