German Open Championships
Victor Burchulazde/Anastasia Borshcheva win GOC
  • 11.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

With the first round starting on Tuesday morning and the award ceremony shortly after midnight on Wednesday the Amateur Rising Star competition was one of the longest of the 30th German Open Championships. Seven couples reached the final of a field of 228 starters.

Not only with his body zeigt, but wit his dancing Victor Burchulazde towered over his competitors and together with his partner, Anastasia Borshcheva, was happy about their well earned win. Kostiantyn Samarskyi/Isabella Tay were close on their heels with two won dances. Cosimo Barra/Diana Sharapova won bronze under the Italian flag.

1.Victor Burchulazde/Anastasia Borshcheva, Russia
2. Kostiantyn Samarskyi/Isabelle Tay, Singapur  
3. Cosimo Barra/Diana Sharipova, Italy
4. Stefan Grigore/Laura Filipescu, Romanian 
5. Vladimir Usov/Milena Usanova, Moldova
6. Alexandr Ryabtsev/Maria Oblakova, Russia 
7. Arthur Ankerstein/Georgiana Barbu, Germany