German Open Championships
Water World For The Waltz
  • 14.08.2015
  • Ilka Scheible

“136 is our favorite“, the chairman revealed at Junior II Standard. He and the master of ceremony proved to be right.

“Welcome to the German Open Waterworld”, master of ceremony Boris Exeler opened the semi-final of Junior II Standard. After heavy rain over Stuttgart the water stodd before and partly in the hall. In front oft he entrances to the Hegelsaal barriers of tablecloths were built; in the hall the water dipped rapidly from the first balcony onto the audience. In this case it was a great advantage that the audience wasn’t very large anymore. The performance of the couples would have earned more interest as the Standard competition was held at a very high level. Clear winners with nine out of eleven first places each were Russian champions Dmitry Chelpanov/Ksenia Voronenkova, followed by “alltime-finalists“ Glenn-Richard Boyce/Kayleigh Andrews and Vladislav Untu/Alexandrina Olteanu from Moldova.


1. Dmitry Chelpanov/Ksenia Voronenkova, Russia (5)

2. Glenn-Richard Boyce/Kayleigh Andrews, England (11)

3. Vladislav Untu/Alexandrina Olteanu, Moldova (16)

4. Ricards Steinfelds/Laura Bernate, Latvia (18)

5. Laviniu Ionut Gradea/Alexandra Cristina Bujor, Romania (26)

6. Grigory Shvets/Diana Sattarova, Russia (29)