German Open Championships
With second places to victory
  • 13.08.2022
  • Gabriele Michel-Schuck

Youth Ten-Dance

The long way over ten dances took 59 youth couples on the last GOC day. Six couples from five countries provided in the end a worth seeing final in both sections. Stefan Alexandru Padurariu/Malina Elena Constandache won two dances and were second in the eight other dances. With this balanced balance they won the competition clearly. The winners in the standard dances, Maxim Zhilenkov/Arina Molochnikova, finished only third in the Latin dances and thus came to the silver medal. In turn, Kajetan Tygielski/Julia Kruger were clearly in first place in the Latin section, but only finished fourth in the standard dances. That was still enough for the bronze medal. The best German couple, Konstantin Literski/Elisabeth Zbarashchuk (Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim) reached the semifinals with 13th place.

1. Stefan Alexandru Padurariu/Malina Elena Constandache, Rumänien (18)
2. Maxim Zhilenkov/Arina Molochnikova, Kasachstan (22)
3. Kajetan Tygielski/Julia Kruger, Polen (26)
4. Vladislav Esipenok/Alua Kargabaeva, Aserbaidschan (34)
5. Vladimir Cebanu/Sofia Chiorescu, Moldawien (52)
6. Mateusz Stawowy/Sara Silva, Polen (58)