German Open Championships
Young 8-dancers defend title
  • 10.08.2016
  • Ilka Scheible

The most elaborate hairstyles could be seen at Juveniles II - many girls with artful structures on their heads and boys with very high blow-dried hair to balance the hight difference between the partners.

However, the hair wasn't judged. but the dancing. For the second time Nikita Sychev/Alexandra Solomatova won the GOC competition of Juveniles II over eight dances, but it is already their third gold medal in the supreme discipline: the first was won in 2014 in Juveniles I. Nikita Pavlov/Taisia Malakhova also were part of last year's final and moved from place six to the second place. The two Russian couples were joined by Vladimir Cebanu/Sofia Chiorescu (Moldova) on place three.

1. Nikita Sychev/Alexandra Solomatova, Russia
2. Nikita Pavlov/Taisia Malakhova, Russia 
3. Vladimir Cebanu/Sofia Chiorescu, Moldova
4. Razvan Zaharia/Ana Maria Tarzianu, Romania
5. Eduard Victor Pislaru/Maria Georgiana Mihalache, Russia
6. Oleg KolesnikovTatiana Zavertkina, Russia