German Open Championships
GOC Poster online
  • 20.05.2015
  • Petra Dres
The GOC Poster is online now.
GOC-Congresses - Information online
  • 15.04.2015
  • Petra Dres
Information and the entry forms for the WDSF-Congresses before and after the GOC are online now.
Flyer online
  • 25.03.2015
  • Petra Dres
The new GOC-Flyer is now ready for download.
Ticket sale started
  • 15.03.2015
  • Petra Dres
The ticket sale started.
New employee in the GOC office
  • 20.01.2015
  • Petra Dres
The GOC have a new employee.
Ticket Sale starts in March 2015
  • 09.12.2014
  • Petra Dres
The Ticket-Sale for the 29th German Open Championships starts on March 15, 2015.