German Open Championships
GOC 2020
  • 11.08.2020
  • Petra Dres
Yesterday would have been the briefing for the many volunteers...
34. German Open Championship cancelled
  • 05.05.2020
  • Petra Dres
The largest dance tournament in the world is also a victim of the Corona pandemic.
GOC and Corona
  • 17.04.2020
  • Petra Dres
According to current federal and state decisions, major events are still prohibited until 31.08.2020.
Ticket and entry system started
  • 24.03.2020
  • Petra Dres
The ticket and entry system for the 34th GOC has started.
GOC and Corona
  • 16.03.2020
  • Petra Dres
Information on the competitions of the GOC in connection with the Corona pandemic.
Preliminiary schedule online
  • 22.01.2020
  • Petra Dres
The schedule for the 34th German Open Championships from 11th-15th August 2020 is online.
New secretary in the GOC office
  • 09.01.2020
  • Petra Dres
Martina Weindl is the new secretary in the GOC office in Wendlingen
Goodbye from Stuttgart
  • 17.08.2019
  • Ilka Scheible